TaxbaseLAN on Dot Net is similar to earlier Taxbase UI. Its very easy to use. It comes up with the improved user interface and better design features. There are various internal improvements which results in higher usage speed. It comes with the various new features such as 'Open menu', 'shortcut menu'. We designed the upgrade to be easy and compatible with existing database and license.

Taxbase covers following points

Automated Income Tax Management : This software facilitates user with Income Tax computation & Calculation, Income tax return preparation and online or offline/manual filing of Income Tax return.
TDS(Tax Deduction at Source) Management : Software allows automated TDS Computation, Calculation, TDS Certificate preparation and paper/efiling of quarterly TDS returns.
Wealth Tax Management : This allows you to manage wealth tax details for effective wealth tax computation & preparing its returns.
Financial Statements Management : This is an effective tool for managing your financial reports & statements. It can generate Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss account and Trading account statement including facility to carry forward to next financial year.
Advance Tax Management : Taxbase facilitates you computation & calculation of Advance Tax along with printing of challans in suitable format.
Features like Advance Tax Planner, which provides facility of timely reminders through Email or SMS makes this software stand ahead of others.
Billing Management : Billing Management allows you to generate bills/invoices including/excluding Service Tax supported by ledgers & outstanding reports. You can also print payment & receipts which will enable you to calculate total outstanding against a particular entity.
Audit Forms Management : This covers management of various Audit forms which in turn has data flow into the return of income.
Documents Management : Under document management, you can manage return filled documents, received & pending documents. This could be automatically tracked by the system while filing of return documents. Reminders of pending document could be managed by sending email or SMS alerts.


Comprehensive coverage of :
All income heads for each type of Assessee.
Data access from A.Y. 1998-1999.
TDS, Wealth Tax, Billing Module, Document management, Notice Management.
Advance Tax Planner module with the facility of print and send advance tax challan also its reminder to customers through Email and SMS.
Forms Available :
Ready to use inbuilt forms library.
Form 3CEB with e-filing and Form 3CD with error redirection facility.
Auto Download of:           - Form 26AS            - Form 16 & 16A            - Form 27D
Documentations, Backups and Downloads :
Group/Assessee wise data management and return filing information.
Acknowledgement downloads for ITR V.
Receipt downloads for ITR and non ITR.
Unique Features :
Excel data import / export for Form 3CD, Balance sheet, Profit & loss account.
Send income details to Taxbase Suite directly.
LAN compatibility.
Auto uploads of .XML file.
Online tax payment gateway and PAN verification.
Auto fetch - Assessee personal information from IT dept website based on PAN & Login details.
Inbuilt fully functional TDS Xpress software :
It facilitates:
  • - Coverage for all type of payees (including NRI’s and NRO’s).
  • - File Validation Utility (FVU).
  • - Request and download of .TDS (conso.) files.
  • - Auto download of .TDS file from TRACES

Reports In Taxbase

- TaxbaseLAN Software provides following important reports along with email facility :
Provision of Assessee A.Y. wise report, blank data entry sheets.
All the reports are exportable to MS Word (.DOC) and Acrobat (.PDF) file.
Availability of Advance Tax Challans and Advance Tax register.
Direct emailing of the reports to assessee.
Single or batch printing of the reports.

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