What are the types of income tax forms?

Income tax is the yearly obligation for any business and individual. There is certain specific way to file the returns and the income tax authorities may accept your return form only when submitted in the correct format. The income tax returns were earlier filed manually but the time has changed and the same has gone online now. The procedures have now got even easier with income tax efiling software. The automation in the income tax sector has made the task easier for the tax payers and has also been instrumental in saving their working hours being wasted on filing tax returns manually. If you are also the valid income tax payer in India and have not yet explored the various income tax software then you may do it now.

Apart from filing the returns through different tax filing methods, the tax payer may also explore the various types of forms for different tax eligibilities. The different types of income tax forms in India are explained here for your reference.

 ITR 1 (Sahaj) :

This is the income tax form that needs to be filled up by the individuals that have their incomes generated only from salary or pension. The individuals having no other source of income other than salary or pension may use this form. The income from interest is also included under this form.

 ITR 2 :

This form is filled by the HUFs (Hindu Undivided Families) and individuals having their incomes from sources other than those described in ITR 1. Their incomes may not be generated from the profit generated from the business.

 ITR 3 :

This is the income tax form used by the individuals and HUFs who are having their firms in partnership and the incomes from the profits and gains of this partnership firm. The incomes that are generated out of the salary, interest, commission, bonus or any other source than the profit of the partnership firm are not included here.

 ITR 4 :

The individuals and HUFs having proprietorship in any firm can use this form to file the returns. This form also includes the tax returns filing for the individuals and HUFs in the business or individual professions.

 ITR 4s (Sugam) : :

Those individuals and HUFs engaged in presumptive business can use this form to file their returns.

 ITR 5 :

LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) , BOIs (Body of Individuals) , AOPs (Association of Persons) and Firms can file their returns through these forms.

 ITR 6 :

The companies that are not claiming exemptions under Section 11 can file their tax returns through this form.

 ITR 7 :

Those companies and individuals who are required to file their tax returns under any of the sections like Section 139 (4A), Section 139 (4B), Section 139 (4C) or Section 139 (4D) can use this form for filing returns. There are different forms for different income criterion but the tax payer can use the Income tax and efiling software to make the entire task easier. This will not just save their hassles but will also guide through the entire process to make the process faster and better.