TDSPro is latest state of art TDS preparation and calculation software to manage your TDS quarterly returns. TDSPro tax software is extremely user friendly and caters to guiding user for correct percentage of tax deduction based on section, online tds payment of such deduction to bank, preparation and e-filing of quarterly returns covering form 26Q, 24Q, 27Q and 27EQ. TDSPro helps you file error free income tax returns through various validation mechanisms such as PAN verification, Challan matchingetc. These are common error which may arise during process of income tax efiling.

Further, TDSPro has built in online tax services module to perform various activities on traces website through automated login. TDSPro can guide you to register digital signature on the department portal, perform eKYC for quick submission of request for download of conso file, form 16/16A files along with other functions

TDSPro, can generate Form 16, 16A and 27D quickly and email the same to the tax deductee

TDSPro provide one key help you to detect defaults for one or many TDS deductors along with assisting you to correct such defaults by revising and e-filing of revised IT returns.

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Key Features in TDSPro

  • b1Covers preparation and E-filing of quarterly returns, viz, 26Q, 24Q, 27Q and 27EQ.
  • b1Caters to capturing of certificates received from deductee u/s 197.
  • b1One screen console providing for
    • Add/ Modify/ Deletion of deductee master information.
    • Data Entry of TDS deductions and payment of the same to the bank.
    • PAN verification and correction of invalid PAN's.
    • Challan matching and correction of challans.
    • Pre-validation of TDS return and simple steps for correction of the same.
    • Generation of Return and efiling the same through
    • Easy to use Excel templates for easy data capture at client end and import of same in TDSpro.
  • b1For Salary, permits interface with various investments made by employee, income reported by employee and auto computes TDS deduction on monthly basis. Also, generates ITR for employees.
  • b1Online Services menus lets you quickly access traces website for host of functionality without the need to remembering passwords.
  • b1Download form 16/16A through online e-KYC, no need to remember CIN, PAN etc..(No need to enter the KYC details at every time)
  • b1Email 16/16A/27D to deductee or main deductor at a click of a mouse.
  • b1Review assessee compliance with TDS with respect to defaults and download of justification report.
  • b1Prepare/ Generate Form 15G/15H and e-file.
  • b1Post filing information control dashboard facilitates user to send reminders for filing of returns to various deductors. Also keeps tab on deductors where returns are not filed.
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Data Entry
Version covers following points :
TDS changes (Improvements) are incorporated.
Version covers following points :
Changes (Improvements) in TDS return are incorporated.
Version covers following points :
TDS changes(improvements) are incorporated.
Version covers following points :
Changes of new TDS FVU version 5.4 and version 2.150 with updated FVU incorporated in our software.
Version covers following points :
Provision to upload quarterly TDS return through software is incorporated.