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What is GST, scope & post GST Scenario?

GST is the biggest tax reform in the history of Independent India in the era of Indirect Taxation. Earlier as per the structure of the constititution both central government and state government had a rights to levy the various duties and taxes on the various activities such as sale of goods, sale of services and other activities Eg. Tax on Sale of goods use to fall under State Revenue but tax on Sale of Services was the right of Center . With the help of introduction of GST such bifurcation will be the history. Above mentioned structured resulted into different state VAT acts such as Maharashtra VAT, Gujrat VAT along with variations into local taxes and other duties by the state government. In the post GST scenario situation will be entirely different and all such variety of taxes will subsumed into one Tax called GST.

In India we have opted for dual GST model where intra state transactions are subject to CGST and SGST, Interstate transactions were subject to IGST and additional taxes. This will result into reduction of different state wise compliances for payment of taxes & return filling, multiple taxes & duties, double taxation and non allowance of input tax credit at multiple stages.

GST Software _ Taxbase GSTPro

We have launched GST software under the name of TaxbaseGST Pro. Our qualified team of Chartered Accountants & developers keeping a close eye on the updates coming from various government sources and GSTN in respect of technical and domain aspects of GST. As we have experience of over 30 years in the domain of taxation with huge clientele of 15,000 customers we will come up with TaxbaseGST Pro. We would like to mention some of the key features as below,

  •  Following facility of GSTR-1 (Regular Dealer) is incorporated.
  •  a) Data Entry for GSTR-1.
  • b) Import data from Various Source Like Sales register, Tally, GSTR-1 Template and CSV.
  • c) Export data to Govt Template and CSV.
  • d) Prepare JSON and Upload to GSTN Portal.
  • e) GSTR-1 Data Upload through API.
  • f) Pre-and Post-Validation Error Report.
  • g) View GSTR-1 Summary Through API.
  • h) Outward Reconciliation of GSTR1 and GSTR 1A.
  •  Following facility of GSTR-2 (Regular Dealer) is incorporated.
  •  a) Data Entry for GSTR-2.
  • b) Import data from Various Source Like Purchase register, Tally, GSTR-2 Template and CSV.
  • c) Export data to Govt Template and CSV.
  • d) Prepare JSON and Upload to GSTN Portal.
  • e) Inward Reconciliation of GSTR-2 and GSTR-2A.
  •  Following facility of GSTR-3B is incorporated.
  •  a) Data Entry for GSTR-3B.
  •  b) Prepare JSON and upload GSTR-3B through online services.
  •  c) Import / Export Offline Excel tool for GSTR-3B.
  • d) Import data from Tally into GSTR-3B.
  • e) Upload GSTR-3B data and get View Summary through API from GSTN Portal.
  • f) Online Populate Data in to GSTN portal.
  • g) E-payment of Tax.
  • b1 Following facility of GSTR-4 (Composition Dealer) is incorporated.
  • a) Data entry for GSTR-4.
  •  b) Import / Export Offline Excel tool and CSV.
  • c) Prepare JSON and upload GSTR-4 through online services.
  •  d) Bulk GSTIN Verification.
  •  Online Services Facility is Incorporate in Software.
  •  a) Register, login and View Profile.
  • b) Upload GSTR-1, GSTR-2 and GSTR-4.
  • c) Download and Import GSTR-2A JSON.
  • d) GSTR-1 Data Upload and View Summary Through API.
  • e) Create Challan, Saved Challan and Challan Summary.
  • f) View Ledger Balances Cash, credit and Liability.
  •  Additional Features
  •  a) Various master Like Customer, Supplier, HSN, SAC, Item and UQC masters.
  • b) Document management System is available.
  • c) Import data from VAT and Service tax software (Static Information).
  • d) User Manual and E-guide is incorporated.
  • e) API Statistics for Usage.
  • f) Data entry for GSTR-3 is incorporate.
  • g) Prepare GSTR-1E JSON through GSTR-1 (Export data entry) is incorporated.
  • h) CMP-03 (Composition Dealer) Form for Intimation of details of Stock is incorporated.
  • i) Import / Export Offline Excel tool for CMP-03 (Composition Dealer).
  • b1Tax Rate Classification:
    • 0% - Essential items including food
    • 5% - Common use items
    • 12% - Standard Rates
    • 18% - Standard Rates
    • 28% - Luxury and de-merits goods
    • 0.25% - Rough Stone/Precious stone
    • 3% - Gold

Important Dates

GSTR-3B (Jan 2018)

Feb 20th, 2018

GSTR-5 (July-Dec 2017)

Jan 31st, 2018

GSTR-6 (July,2017-Feb,2018)

March 31st, 2018

Quarterly return for composition taxpayers

GSTR-4 (Jan-Mar,2018)

Apr 18th, 2018

GSTR-4 (Oct-Dec,2017)

Jan 18th, 2018

Quarterly return for registered persons with aggregate turnover up to Rs.1.50 crores

GSTR-1 (Jan-Mar,2018)

Apr 30th, 2018

GSTR-1 (Oct-Dec,2017)

Feb 15th, 2018

Quarterly return for registered persons with aggregate turnover of more than Rs.1.50 crores

GSTR-1 (Jan,2018)

Mar 10th, 2018

GSTR-1 (Dec, 2017)

Feb 10th, 2018

*Last Updated on 01/02/2018
**We will update further dates as same is available to us.

Input Tax Credit

In our dual GST model credits will be available in the following manner,

  • b1cgst
  • b1sgst
  • b1igst