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ServiceTaxPro is efficient software for Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants, Professionals and business entities. You can manage Service Tax returns of multiple business entities with this software through customer definition and other important features of software. It provides you with monthly and quarterly challan(GAR7), half yearly returns, automatically computes the serviceTax liability along with education cess and higher education cess and Interest on delayed payments which is self computed.

Reports in ServiceTax Pro

  • b1 ST1, ST3, ST4, ST5, ST6,ST7, Computation sheet, Bill/ Receipt Register, Outstanding register, Master file, Challan Payment status.
  • b1 Facilitate with import export data.
  • b1 Provision of Prefill button, where you can fetch all contact information of assesse from ACES through valid STC no.
  • b1The software caters to generation of all forms regularly used for the purpose of filing Service Tax in India.
  • b1 Service Tax returns/challans can be printed and/or emailed to the respective customers through the software.
  • b1 Printing of Service Tax challan in pre-printed format.


b1 Assessee Definition : You can enter details like assessee Status, ST Payment period (monthly/quarterly) depending on status of assessee, STC number etc.
b1 Monthly/Quarterly Challan (GAR7) : Based on the type of return the business entity needs to file, the data capture is provided for bills, receipts and tax credit bills of suppliers for the relevant period. Based on these entries the Service Tax Challan (GAR7) can be generated and printed.
b1 Payment Facilities : Provides payment of CenVAT credit - input services, CenVAT Credit- input, CenVAT credit capital goods, Service Tax Payment etc.
b1 Half Yearly Returns : The data captured facility provided for bills, receipt & tax credit bills of suppliers according to business entities return type &Reminder & Notes. relevant period.
b1 Unutilized credit based on Service Tax liability : The unadjusted/unutilized credit is automatically carried forward to the subsequent period.
b1 User-friendly Interface : A very User-friendly Interface to Microsoft Excel allowing receipt of bills, tax credit supplier bills data from consumer in pre-defined files.
b1 Other Features include :
  • Half-yearly form for ST-3 returns preparation.
  • Input of credit services and goods treatment.
  • Provision for abatement in bills and receipts.
b1 ST-3 e-file with multiple Services ST-3 e-file to excel sheet format.

b1 Auto update of version facility provided in software itself.
b1 Facility of document management to save the customer wise documents by providing the system path.

b1 Facility of Call Back request, Reminder & Notes.