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Sinewave Introduced Form 3CD – A Free Utility for Tax Audit Report Filing.

Sinewave Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. introduced a new utility for filing an Tax Audit Report Form 3CD. This form is completely in compliance with Government norms and guidelines, featuring all the useful and necessary facilities in it.

Sinewave’s Free Form 3CD is an utility software for all the Tax Professionals who has to file New Tax Audit Report for their clients/Customers. The New Audit Report Format of Form 3CD utility is already available in Sinewave’s flagship product Taxbase (An Ultimate Income Tax Software) and now Sinewave has put a step ahead by offering it to even the non Taxbase users. This move is expected to benefit the Tax Professionals by large due to its amazing features.

Form 3CD Software is absolutely free and you can download it directly from ‘Form 3CD’ page present on the site.

Form 3CD Utility Tax Software Features

  • Data Import from Excel and XML Files:

    Form 3CD utility reduces your efforts of entering the records one by one. Instead of entering data manually, it provide you the option of directly importing your excel data in the respective Form 3CD Items/Section.
  • Facility of CSV Import / Export:

    Form 3CD utility enables you to directly import the CSV file in the required section. You can also export the data from the form 3CD in CSV file.
  • Facility of Error Redirection:

    Error correction is one of the major issues in filling Form 3CD. This utility provides very simple solution to this problem. Errors can be rectified at the time of saving data in every section and mouse pointer directly points to that field, where error is generated.
  • Section wise Data Deleting:

    Unlike other 3CD preparation utilities, Sinewave’s Form 3CD Software enables you to delete the data section wise.
    This utility provides you the delete option for every Item/Section and when you click on delete, data within that particular Item/Section is deleted.
  • No PAN Compulsion:

    As per new government rules entering PAN in Form 3CD is optional. Accordingly this utility left PAN entry field as optional.
  • Auto Pick Data:

    In addition to all above features if you are an existing user of sinewave’s Taxbase or TDS Xpress, this Form 3CD utility can automatically pick data from TDS module and consolidate it on the basis of TAN and section.
    Form 3CD utility proves to be very useful for the chartered accountants and tax consultants who repeatedly have to work on the Form 3CD.

To know more about Form 3CD write us at - or call us on 020-66810060

You can directly download Form 3CD