TaxbaseMini is an Android Mobile Application from Sinewave, which runs as accessory to the flagship product of Sinewave – Taxbase. This application is useful for all Taxbase users (Tax Professionals) and their customers (Assesses) as it facilitates real time information sharing between Tax Professionals & hour & technology technology &Products & Services domain Sinewave their customers. Sharing the right information, to the right person in real time is need of the hour & Sinewave Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide the right mix of technology & domain expertise to its clients through its taxation software, Products & Services.

TaxbaseMini User Benifites

  • b1Useful for Taxbase Users (Tax Professionals) & their Customers (Assesses).
  • b1Instant tax calculation tools with AY 2015-16.
  • b1Instant communication tool for better Customer Relations.
  • b1Group & Assessee information available on Mobile itself.
  • b1Cost effective & easy to use application to carry your Tax data in hand.
  • b1Income Tax Laws : Know about different Income Tax Laws, Acts, Rules, Notifications and Circulations.
  • b1Due Date Calendar from FY 2015-16.


  • b1Income Tax Details - Tax Professional can send the Income Tax details (last 3 AY) of all his Groups/ Assesses from Taxbase to his own & his customers TaxbaseMini and both the parties can refer to it as and when required.
  • b1Document Management System - Tax Professional can send any document stored in Taxbase or on computer machine to his own & his customers TaxbaseMini, may it be ITR V Acknowledgement, Computation Sheets or any XML, PDF files etc. It will reduce Tax Professionals cost incurred on sending document hard copies to his clients or he need not to depend upon email deliveries. Just a click is all it takes to transfer the documents through TaxbaseMini.
  • b1Address Book – Tax Professional can have all his Taxbase Clients & Groups in TaxbaseMini at a single click. Tax Professional can see the details like total number of Assesses under a group, PAN, E-mail ID, Address & contact Number etc.
  • b1SMS Management - Tax Professional can compose the text message and directly send to his clients. This helps to build good customer relations & effective communication. Tax Professional can send Due Date Reminders, Birthday Wishes and Advance Tax Reminders etc.
  • b1Tax Calculators – TaxbaseMini provides you with Income Tax Calculator, Advance Tax Calculator & TDS Calculator for AY 2015-2016.
  • b1 Laws – Tax Professionals can get all the information about different Income Tax Laws, Acts, Rules, Notifications and latest Circulars.
  • b1 Due date Calendar – This calendar shows due dates in different color and when you tap on the highlighted date, you will get all the details about that due date. You can get the information about all the due dates from FY 2014-15.
  • Tax Payee/Customers –
  • b1 Income Tax Details – Tax Professional’s clients / Customers can view their own Income Tax details (last 3 AY) sent by Tax Professional. It’s useful for quick reference of Income Tax payment details made in last 3 AY.
  • b1Document Management System – Tax Payer or client can View, Print, Share, or refer the Tax related documents sent by Tax Professional at any given time. It can be any document like ITR V Acknowledgement, Computation Sheets or any XML, PDF files etc.
  • b1 Instant Calculations – TTaxbaseMini empowers its users with utilities like Income Tax Calculators, TDS Calculators and Advance Tax Calculators etc. It is useful for instant tax calculations on the go.