If you are our existing customer and downloading this setup of Taxbase then you must know thet this version of Taxbase is build on different licensing technology. This Taxbase update will not work with your old licensing of Safe Serial or Software Passport. Also note that this update is optional and you can continue with our old licensing but the updates in Taxbase from 22.10.2008 onwards will not be available in old licensing version. License can be issued only on working days from Monday to Friday 10.00AM to 6.00 PM
  For existing users,
Please download and/or run the following files and update the Taxbase  software:
  TaxbaseLAN Release version:

S/n File nameSize
1  TaxbaseLAN_Setup.zip141MB
2  TaxbaseLAN_CSI.exe15.1MB
  Taxbase Release version:
S/n File nameSize
1 Taxbase_Setup.zip127MB
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